Minor Metals

Material Quality Description Enquiry
Antimony (Sb) 99.65% min. Ingots (As 0.15% max) Contact us
99.9% min. Ingots
Arsenic (As) 99% min. Lumpy Contact us
Bismuth (Bi) 99.99% min. 3 gram, 5 gram and 50 gram Pellets or 1 kg Ingots Contact us
Cadmium (Cd) 99.99% min. Ingots or Sticks Contact us
Chromium (Cr) 99% min. Aluminothermic Lumps Contact us
Cobalt (Co) 99.25% to 99.98% min. Ingots, cathodes, broken cathodes and granules/fine flakes Contact us
Gallium (Ga) 99.99% In polythene bottles Contact us
Indium (In) 99.995% min. Ingots Contact us
Magnesium (Mg) 99.8% min. Ingots Contact us
Manganese (Mn) 99.9% min. Electrolytic Flakes Contact us
  99.7% min.
Mercury (Hg) 99.99% In flasks or bottles Contact us
Selenium (Se) 99.5% min. Metal powder or granules Contact us
Silicon (Si) 553, 441 & 331 Lumps or powder Contact us
Tantalum (Ta) 99.8% min. Cylindrical bars Contact us
Tellurium (Te) 99% min. Ingots, sticks, powder Contact us
Tungsten (W) 99.9% min. Fully sintered bar or plate Contact us
  99.6% min. Uncut bars, cut pieces of ingots, plate, sheet, tube

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