Non-Ferrous Metals

Material Quality Description Enquiry
Aluminium (Al) 99.70% min. Ingots, quadrant, granules Contact us
Copper (Cu) 99.80 % min. Cathodes (A Grade and standard), granules, electro, wire, tape, busbar Contact us
Lead (Pb) 99.99% min. Ingots Contact us
99.97% min. Ingots
>98% Re-melted
Nickel (Ni) 99.80% min. Uncut cathodes/briquettes, full plate, cut plate, shot, flags or rounds Contact us
Tin (Sn) 99% to 99.99% min. LME registered ingots Contact us
Non-LME registered ingots
Pellets, sticks, granules, tubes, anodes
Zinc (Zn) HG 99.95% min. Ingots, balls Contact us
SHG 99.995% min Ingots, balls, granules, anodes

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